KUB USB Cleaner

kub cleaner

The antivirus terminal that cleans your USB device

Around 30 % of viruses come from USB devices. With the KUB ( Kiosk for Universal Blocking ), plug your USB device with confidence. The KUB analyzes and decontaminates your USB device to protect your computer and your network from USB device infections.



Kub is an analysis and decontamination solution for USB devices. It allows you to protect your computer from infections included in a USB device.

As an innovative solution , the KUB is managed through a SaaS management server with access to analytics, reporting, history, etc.

The WorkStation Protect agent offers you the option of blocking all external devices that have not been analyzed by a KUB.

Available as a console, the KUB fits perfectly into both the environment and your infrastructure.

With is 12" HD touchscreen the solution becomes "plug and play " and facilitates his adoption by your users.

The KUB comes with 2 antivirus by default, for added security you can add up to 3 additional antivirus.

Simple, fast and secure

Nothing simpler than the KUB to clean your USB device !

Plug in your USB device on the KUB : the analysis is performed in a few minutes. After finishing the analysis , then your device is healthy and ready to connect to your network .

A doubt ? An unanalyzed key can be blocked by computers.


The terminals are available to users to detect threats on their USB devices . They can choose to scan all or part of their device and access an analysis report.

Customize it

Want to put your company's colors ?

The KUB user interface is fully customizable with the colors and logo of your organization.

How is it working



Find detailed reports analysis of detected threats . They are in the form of daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly charts . You also have access to a details report by threats .


Access the status of your KUB's network. So you can , for a look , see active, non-active terminals and manage settings.


This option allows to manage user accounts , information messages, updates and quotas .

My Account

The module "My Account" summarizes the information about you: your name, email address , but it's also where you can change your password.


The dashboard allows you to have an overview of threats detected by your terminals and a summary of the latest security bulletins



  • Get software updates via RSS
  • Updates included and standard on-site exchange


Management server
  • Antivirus engines and definitions updates
  • KUBOs control, setup and updates
  • Unified interface of datas collected by all KUB


Terminal USB device analysis
  • The management server can be installed as a virtual machine in your infrastruture
  • Support of all common file systems: FAT , FAT , NTFS , EXT3 and EXT4

Dedicated Area

Control and Monitoring
  • KUB and Users management made through a web client
  • Detailed reporting of identified threats
  • Daily security news and CVE's alerts


Workstation Protect Agent
  • USB blocking ability on computer running the agent
  • If the agent is present , USB support must be validated by the KUB to be allowed on a computer
Workstation Protect is compatible with
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10

More details

To simplify your task, Kub are already pre-installed on delivery. There is no software to install.

Then at the first boot, an update process is launched to get the last release of KubOs.


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