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Protect OT critical assets from USB threats

The use of removable media on industrial information systems is a daily occurrence: data loading, process data extraction, maintenance, patch management, log recovery, operating system and firmware updates are mandatory and regular operations.

Removable media and maintenance consoles become major vectors for virus propagation, even on isolated systems.

In a context of major risks, KUB proposes a solution of analysis station and decontamination of removable media that meets the recommendations of the ANSSI and protects against the risks of corruption and data loss, production stoppage or modification of the behavior of your IS.

“Cybersecurity Gouvernemental Agency”
– Recommendation 233:
A policy for the use of removable media should be defined
– Recommendation 235:
A decontamination station should be installed to analyze and decontaminate all removable devices before using them on an industrial system
– Recommendation 236:
Connection of removable devices that have not been verified by the decontamination station should be prohibited.”

1 in 5 threats are specifically designed to exploit USB devices as an attack vector, to open backdoors, establish remote access or download malware.

Protect your IS from removable media infections:
– A standalone scanning and decontamination solution
– Enhanced protection of industrial systems – SCADA
– Strict control of your service providers’ removable media
– Unrestricted integration into your existing IS