KUB Case Study: Solcera


Mr Billiet, CIO of Solcera

The Challenge

Solcera has been developing and marketing advanced ceramics for over 200 years. An independent SME since 2015, with two facilities in France and a subsidiary in Brazil, its strategy relies on an extensive know-how in designing and manufacturing advanced ceramics as well as glass-to-metal and ceramic-to-metal assemblies. Solcera has a strong presence in cutting-edge industries such as aircraft, aerospace, defence, nuclear, agriculture, optics and research, and its fully integrated technological platform gives it complete control over the entire manufacturing process.


Solcera’s main priorities are the safety of people, goods, and information – this is what guides its relationships with all of its partners, customers and suppliers. In 2013, Solcera realised that its people, goods and information were increasingly vulnerable to cybersecurity threats. It wanted to gain control of its networks.

The Solution: the KUB Cleaner

The aim was to ensure that viruses could no longer penetrate Solcera’s infrastructure via removable devices – used by employees, but also by providers and customers too.


Solcera chose KUB because of our expert understanding of the cybersecurity risk landscape. The KUB White Station was installed in 2013, to meet a regulatory constraint of ZRR (restrictive regime zone) – a regulated access area as part of the protection of the scientific and technical potential imposed by the activity of Solcera.


Solcera was among the first customers to deploy KUB Cleaner stations in France:


The features are precisely what Solcera needed.

It’s fully customisable and allows Solcera to create awareness-raising cybersecurity content for its users.

It’s so simple to install and easy to manage, compared to alternative solutions.

The KUB makes it simple, fast and effective to keep devices clean, and all data, employees, suppliers and customers safe from ever-increasing cybersecurity risks.


No programming or additional software installations were required – once the KUB was plugged in, it was ready to go. The deployment initially required a lot of awareness and training to remove users’ reluctance to the new process of cleaning their removable media before plugging them into the infrastructure. However, the KUB White Station quickly became a solution valued by all users, and a firm part of Solcera’s culture and Solcera’s day-to-day activity.


The touch screen makes it easy and accessible for all users too. As soon as a USB is connected to the KUB, it carries out a complete analysis of the entire device, or just a part of it, within a few minutes.


Once the KUB Cleaner has been installed, all updates are carried out automatically, and the KUB dashboard lets Solcera see and manage its terminal at a glance. It also lets every Solcera employee, provider and customer access detailed reports of all detected threats per terminal.

The Results

Do it – frankly, you won’t regret it.”



Mr. Billiet does not regret his choice and has become an ambassador of the KUB solution to many prospects and other CIOs and CISOs.


Change can be complicated, especially with increasingly complex manufacturing processes and workforces. However, the KUB Cleaner has been a continued success at Solcera:


Solcera has faced only one major safety incident in the last ten years.

It is better able to tick regulatory compliance boxes such as GDPR.

Feedback from users has been incredibly positive.

The tailored content posted on the terminals helps to increase cybersecurity awareness among employees and suppliers.