Solution Benefits



58% of your employees are regularly using non–encrypted USB drives such as conference freebies, plugging them into your infrastructure without a moment’s thought and putting your whole organization at risk of a data breach. Good news: you don’t need to update all of your equipment to stay on top; you only need to update how you’re managing it.

Our Global base of partners include:

Are you already losing sleep over…

  • …Employees working from home?
  • …Increasingly costly cyber-attacks in the headlines?
  • …Suppliers and contractors bringing external USB devices into your building and networks?
  • …Employees using unencrypted hardware from home?
  • …Increasingly strict regulatory compliance?
  • …The ever–rising cost of keeping up with new technology?
  • …The rise of BYOD?

The KUB…

  • …Supports organizations as they move towards hybrid working models.
  • …Reduces the risk of financial and reputational damage caused by a cyber-attack.
  • …Reduces the risk of insider and third-party cyber-attacks.
  • …Helps companies to ensure strict regulatory compliance.
  • …Is compatible with existing technology and infrastructure.
  • …Reduces the risks associated with BYOD.
  • …Protects critical systems.
  • …Is 3G/4G/5G and Mobile/CD/SD/PCMCIA, etc., compatible.
  • …Includes file transfer capabilities.
  • …Improves communication and cybersecurity risk awareness.
  • …is physically secured and brings in a single kiosk the latest cyber-Defenses.